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Metro Atlanta, GA

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Welcome to Concrete Raising of Atlanta, Atlanta GA Concrete Raising Specialists

"Don't replace it, fix it!"


Concrete Raising of Atlanta – Concrete Repair, leveling in Metro Atlanta, GA

The Truth about Concrete:

The stability of any concrete slab is depends upon the soil conditions under and around the slab.  Since soil expands and contracts all year round it is common for slabs to raise or sink.  Other factors such as tree roots or the makeup of the concrete when it was first poured can all play a part in slab movement. This is where mudjacking also known as slabjacking services become useful.  Rather than tearing an existing driveway or sinking porch it is often much more cost effective to consider our service.

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  • We have been raising concrete for over many years. Slabjacking, or Mudjacking is our area of expertise. 
  • Concrete is lifted by drilling small holes through the slab, and pumping, under hydraulic pressure, a special polymer product. As the slurry flows beneath the surface, voids and depressions are filled and the slab is raised to achieve the desired height.
  • This method of raising concrete lifts sidewalks, steps, stoops, driveways, pool decks, garage floors, garage center columns, patios, factory floors, city streets, curb and gutters and airport runways.
  • Void filling and soil stabilization can also be performed by this process to repair areas with soil depletion caused by animals or soil erosion and sinkholes.

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Our goal is to provide homeowners and commercial business in the metro Atlanta area with quality solutions for the service we provide.  We strive to attain 100% customer satisfaction by helping each customer learn about what is the root cause of the problem and how we recommend they fix it most cost efficiently.  We try to avoid complete concrete replacement in order to avoid a great but unnecessary expense.

Contact Concrete Raising of Atlanta in the Atlanta, GA metro and surrounding areas.

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Concrete Raising and Concrete Repair Contractors in the Metro Atlanta, GA Area

Safety Concerns:

One of the most popular concrete repair services in metro Atlanta, GA that we offer involves working on the concrete walkways placed around the sides of pools. These concrete slabs are very important to keep level. Consider how often your children run across them in the summer time. You don't want them to trip and fall on un-level concrete and get hurt. Our concrete repair service in Atlanta, GA offers affordable and professional concrete raising and repair services for un-level concrete pool decks.